„For fast finger work, there's hardly another cellist around today who could hopе to matсh the digital dexterity displayed by Kraftzoff"  Daily Camera USA

„With his eyes closed Kira Kraftzoff strokes the strings of his instrument devotedly and lets it tell of a lost love. Once in a while he takes his cello onto his lap to finally end the fireworks as a virtuoso fiddler or as wild guitarist Jimi Hendrix.“ Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung Germany

„Kira Kraftzoff hails from St. Petersburg and absolutely enchants his audience by his music which he performes with enormous devotion and passion. Especially impressive is his preference for long passages in distinct pianissimo“ Badische Zeitung Germany

“In Andante Cantabile Kraftzoff had to play in violin pitch, but it was technically and artistically perfect. Only the insensitive could escape a few tears.” Palm Beach Daily News USA

„Kraftzoff is a technician and an exceptional musician of highest dignity, whose numerous piano and pianissimo includes his command of the high positions  almost adjoin to marvelousness..“ Heilbronner Stimme

„The instrument and the artist nearly seemed to be one“ Zuricher Zeitung Swiss